The past few weeks have been busy planning a photo exhibition. The name of the exhibition is Iceland - wild at heart, the same as our book. Since it was published, our book has been on the bestseller-list of...

Short video about our new book Iceland - wild at heart, with few video clips from scenes in the book.

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Einar and Gyda are landscape and wildlife photographers living in Iceland. They explore nature through the art of photography, capturing wildlife and landscape.
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Whiteout in the highlands

Flying over the highlands in Iceland is always a adventure. It is the beginning of April and we took a flight with Circle Air, air tour company on a...

Goðafoss waterfall

We have been active in photographing in the past few weeks. This video is from a part of our travel around Iceland. It´s winter, and this shows the magnificent...

Northern lights and seascapes in Grimsey in February Late February we went to Grimsey island. The plan was to go there and shoot some winter scenes. The trip proved to be amazing. We did get northern lights,...

Shooting horses in a snowstorm What do you do when you have had it with office hours post-processing photos or writing? Well.. go out into the snow. Find something to photograph. This time we...

Photographing in north Iceland in January

It has been cold for the past few weeks. More or less minus 5 to 20 celsius. The day is short which means going somewhere to photograph is a...

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