As all photographers know the importance of light can not be overstated. This became obvious when me and Gyda were photographing puffins in the puffin heaven, island of Grimsey. We stayed there for few days with the family which...

The less busy locations in Iceland

The area around Melrakkaslétta has always had a interesting appeal to us when we try to travel far from the busyest tourist areas in Iceland. We have been traveling...

The grim fate of a arctic tern chick

It can be tough to watch the life of birds when the cold and cruel reality is showing it´s face. We are now in the south of Iceland, in...

Hverfjall or Hverfell? A mountain or a hill?

Every time I drive past Hverfjall mountain which is quite often, I think of the dispute the locals in Mývatnssveit have with the name of this characteristic mountain. For...

Iceland – Wild at heart The past few weeks have been very busy and fun in our small home. Besides getting married after 12 years together with everything that´s included in a wedding, our...
Malarrif, Londrangar and Snæfellsjökull

Winter conditions for photography in Iceland

A good friend of mine told me that pro-photographers only travel to Iceland during the winter. According to the number of photographers we met for the past few days...

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