There are no wild horses in Iceland. All of them have a owner. Still, many of them are running free in the mountains or the countryside during the summer. In the beginning of October the owners, their friends and...

Short video about our new book Iceland - wild at heart, with few video clips from scenes in the book.

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Einar and Gyda are landscape and wildlife photographers living in Iceland. They explore nature through the art of photography, capturing wildlife and landscape.
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Gyrfalcon hunting a greylag goose

Driving home after a funeral of a relative. Location is near Hrafnagil in Eyjafjörður. The middle of the bridge over Eyjafjarðará-river to be exact. From the corner of my...

Northern lights photography near Myvatn

Everything is black after dark if there is no moonlight. No moonlight, no details in the mountains or the landscape. I prefer having some moonlight when photographing northern lights....

Fuglabjarganes in Vopnafjörður

Finding new locations to photograph in Iceland is kind of an ambition for me. Some parts of the country have been photographed from every angle and there is a...

Puffins seen in a different light in Grimsey

As all photographers know the importance of light can not be overstated. This became obvious when me and Gyda were photographing puffins in the puffin heaven, island of Grimsey. We...

The less busy locations in Iceland

The area around Melrakkaslétta has always had a interesting appeal to us when we try to travel far from the busyest tourist areas in Iceland. We have been traveling...

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