Standing on a rock in Hljóðaklettar when the sun is going down. The distance is long, taken with 70-200 @ 98 mm.

I am no fan of selfies but selfies in landscape photography offer scale. They show the size of the landscape with something in comparison. Instagram is probably the center for the selfie-makers and the platform has given selfies a new dimension.

Jumped on a rock about to disappear in a shadow in Hljódaklettar. Taken on a 70-200 lens @ 85 mm.

For landscape photography I find selfies more appropriate when the person can´t be recognized. It is possible to sell those photos to companies in that market.

Taken on a 20 mm lens. Bracket of two photos.

My absence from the social media in the past months has nothing to do with being inactive traveling and photographing – to the contrary. I have been traveling with Gyda for many weeks and somehow Facebook and Instagram have been forgotten.

Boots are needed to wade to the rock, depending on the tide and it can be slippery. Taken on a 14-24 lens @ 14 mm.

At the moment Gyda is in Grimsey island photographing puffins and the islands magnificent scenery. I have been traveling with our dog Kútur and good friends photographing in the north.

Crazy colored pond in Þeistareykir. I wonder where the red color is from.

For the fun of it I have taken few selfies in the past two days. To take them I use the Hahnel Captur Module Pro remote control which is great for long distances and is very reliable.