About us

Einar and Gyða are amid Iceland´s leading nature and landscape photographers. They have specialized in wildlife and landscape photography. People, buildings and structures made by man are not subjects of their photography, rather the nature in various forms. Their works have been used in many projects, both in Iceland and many other countries. They spend weeks and months traveling and one of their goals is to increase awareness about conservation, hoping their photography will add to the understanding of the importance of protecting nature.

Einar Gudmann

Einar Guðmann lives in Iceland where he works as a photographer, author, editor and publisher of books and magazines. Formerly he was a advisor at the Environment Agency until focusing on photography and editorial work. www.gudmann.is

Gyda Henningsdottir

Gyða Henningsdóttir lives in Iceland and has roots in Grimsey. She started to work on photography after a career in managing positions at companies in the fishing industry and being a managing director of a fashion store. www.gyda.is

Behind the lens - out in the field